Our Unique Law Firm

Transforming the way law is delivered globally

For hundreds of years, the legal profession in England & Wales has had a total monopoly on the provision of legal services to businesses and the public – a profession that was dominated by ever increasing fees and ever decreasing levels of service.

In 2014, taking advantage of the Legal Services Act 2007, we set up one of the first law firms that operated as an unregulated practice, free from the archaic regulations imposed on law firms by the  SRA or the General Council of the Bar.

Instead, we chose to create a far more commercially focused, self-regulated law firm, one that disposed of the heavy burden of prestigious offices and the myriad of support staff in favour of a leaner low cost model that would utilise sophisticated, secure cloud-based technology to deliver a legal service specifically tailored to the needs of the modern commercial client.

Being free from the ties of a high overhead model – ours currently running at less than 10% of global turnover – allowed us to provide innovative and commercially focused fee models. Instead of following the traditional partner led fee model, with its multiple tiers of charges dependant on the experience of a lawyer, we opted for a flat, transparent country rate model, so our clients always know the rate they are paying, safe in the knowledge that all of our lawyers are seasoned professionals, many trained by and past associates/partners of magic circle law firms.

Our average European fixed country hourly rate is just £155.00 (excl. VAT) per hour, and potentially even less if you take advantage of our subscription legal services, which are available on a global basis. This low-cost model can only be achieved by operating off a low overhead base.

But it’s not only our clients that benefit from a low hourly rate – our Solicitors, Barristers and overseas Attorneys get a far higher share of the fees than they would as an employee in a traditional law firm. With our model, everyone wins.

And, with our strict dependable service levels, our clients know that with us they will receive a first-class service, every time.

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