European Law

Irrespective of Brexit, certain directives within EU legislation are now embedded into UK law

While these are well-designed to protect consumers, competing in an arena wrapped up in regulatory red tape can present more than a few legal challenges.

Full compliance with EU regulations and directives is imperative to your business success, but keeping up to date with new developments and acting accordingly is a time-consuming task. At 360 Business Law, our expert teams of corporate and commercial lawyers are well-versed in European Law and how it governs business operations on a day-to-day basis.

Bringing vast experience in advising organisations small and large on their regulatory responsibilities, we’re committed to minimising risk by ensuring your interests align with that of the law.  From corporate governance and compliance to cross-border mergers and acquisitions, the service we provide is all-encompassing.


Major market players have a regulatory obligation to use their power and influence for good. If such a business is found to be abusing their position in a way that reduces or restricts competition, the penalty can be severe. We work with dominant forces across a wide range of industries to determine if these rules apply to them and how they can ensure full compliance with minimal disruption to your commercial ambitions.

Cartel is the term given to informal associations or mutually beneficial off-the-books arrangements between two or more companies. Perhaps the most serious breach of EU and Competition Law, the penalties for cartel behaviour are severe. However, in our experience advising commercial entities on the nature of these regulations, what qualifies as cartel behaviour isn’t always clear. We help our clients to understand the definition and implications of cartel behaviour, enabling them to enter into new relationships and arrangements that can promote growth while maintaining full compliance.

With the spotlight fixed on making markets work for consumers, governments and competition authorities are increasingly using their powers to punish anti-competitive conduct and challenge relationships that they see as detrimental to competition. In this complex arena of competition law, businesses benefit considerably from the support of a legal specialist to advise on the precise terms within IP licencing, distribution and supply agreements and joint ventures. Our heavyweight EU & competition law experts proudly provide pragmatic no-nonsense advice to ensure our clients achieve their commercial objectives.

We work with a broad mix of commercial clients to ensure competitors or suppliers do not breach established agreements and, if necessary, lodge complaints with regulators on their behalf. Our competition law specialists have a proven track record of resolving disputes and influencing market investigations and complaints in this area; we regularly advise businesses on the best course of action when a competitor or supplier is behaving in a way that is unlawful to gain commercial advantages.

The purpose of competition law and the authorities who oversee governance in this arena is to promote healthy market competition and prevent organisations from acting in a way that would be detrimental to the consumer. With stringent regulations in place and strict penalties to support them, businesses benefit from the hands-on support of our dedicated legal team to develop robust compliance frameworks and identify areas of risk.

From drafting written responses to requests for information and flagging potential areas for risk ahead of an investigation to using investigations as a means of raising issues in markets that are damaging to their position, we have vast experience in supporting commercial clients to defend their position and prepare for sensitive EU & UK competition investigations.

With decades of experience and a team of highly qualified commercial lawyers, you can rely on us for specialist yet straightforward advice on changing controls under a merger or acquisition. Our expertise spans across UK, EU and multinational merger controls, allowing us to advise on requirements, make filings and instruct lawyers in other jurisdictions where necessary. When clients instruct us early on in their merger strategy, we act fast to engage competition authorities and identify any potential areas for risk to ensure the outcome of the transaction is a commercially successful result.

Standardisation or standard setting agreements outline key technical and quality requirements and are commonly used for interconnection in telecommunications, digital, IT and technology sectors. We understand the essential nature of standardisation and the complex competition challenges that can arise in the standards development process. Our team advise clients on the full range of legal issues relating to standardisation agreements to ensure compliant structures for both sides.

Offering strategic advice and legal support from a team of specialist competition lawyers, we are equipped with the skill-set to advise clients in relation to competition and regulatory issues affecting telecommunications, media and technology companies. Our expertise lends itself well to partnering long-term with firms in these sectors to advise on e-commerce, digital rights, online distribution geo-blocking, interconnection agreements, standardisation and much more.

Trusted and relied upon by a growing collection of commercial entities, our experts bring a full understanding of the sector specific competition laws that apply to travel and air transport. In turn, our clients can thrive and feel free to pursue their commercial objectives while our leading team of specialists assist them in issues including licensing and bonding, code sharing agreements, GDS contracts and positioning, air ticket pricing, slot allocation, package travel regulations, passenger compensation, air space change and air navigation law.

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