How does a Times Newspaper Top 200 UK Law Firm operate at such low hourly rates- is it Magic?
Our Unique Law Firm

Global, Experienced and Cost Conscious

How can we operate in over 60 Countries, using highly qualified and experienced Solicitors, Barristers and overseas Attorneys (many trained by and past associates/partners of magic circle law firms) at such low hourly rates? Our average fixed country hourly rate is just £155.00 per hour, and potentially even less if you take advantage of our subscription legal services.

Driven by Pure Economics

Strip away the overheads of traditional law firms, including prime office locations, add a sprinkle of cloud-based technology, and the result is 360 Business Law. Our law firm not only provides exceptionally low hourly rates to clients, but also far more of our fee income is distributed to our specialised lawyers.

Quality Guaranteed

We only use highly experienced Solicitors, Barristers and overseas Attorneys to deliver our legal services - We never use paralegals, trainees or inexperienced lawyers.

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Transparent Pricing

We provide a single fixed hourly country rate for each country in which we operate - no differential pricing based on ancient partner structures.

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Global Practice

We operate in over 60 countries providing our valued clients with specialist legal advice and services wherever they trade or have an establishment, all through a single point of administration.

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Delivering Value in a Unique Way

Question: What is the most precious asset of any law firm, anywhere on earth?

Answer: Its experienced lawyers!

When you think about it, the reason we can offer such cost-effective legal services is logical.

If you reduce your operating overhead to a minimum by stripping away all of the unnecessary and often luxurious expenses of operating a law firm, such as city centre ivory towers with an unbelievable amount of wasted space, expensive furniture, receptionists and a myriad of unnecessary support staff, you are left with the essential elements – highly qualified lawyers and a support infrastructure to allow them to work efficiently.

At 360 Business Law, our experienced lawyers, who even do their own typing, are supported by a highly secure, cost-effective, cloud based IT Infrastructure that enables them to work anywhere on earth as long as they have access to a broadband connection.

Whatever nature throws at us, our clients can be assured of one thing; we are always available to assist 24/7/365 in over 60 countries – all through a single point of access in the UK or USA.

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